Why Boreal?

Educative Project

Boreal would like to share with the children´s families a bespoke educative project, fundamentally supported in the Montessori method.

It includes, feeding itself from several respected educative methodologies, every aspect considered beneficial for the physical, emotional, cognitive, or social for its children.

Our educative pillars are:

Love and respect in a pure way

We look forward to guiding your child from a love approach. We believe that the children´s emotional development in this initial educative stage is the core about which their evolution should be developed.

Love and respect to others, to the environment, the nature and the world that surrounds the child as the foundations to develop adequate social skills and empathy.

Also respect to the child´s innate skills, preferences, interests, and priorities as the starting point to carry on our job as guides.

Freedom to achieve autonomy and self-esteem growth

The trust we place in our children, by enabling them freedom to choose the activity most interesting to them, allows for a self-esteemed development.

Allowing for a natural behaviour and being by the children side without steering them generates an autonomy and independence which defines their future.

At Boreal every day progresses with the children´s pace

We accommodate to their rhythm, timing and needs, providing the environment for a natural learning.

They´re the real protagonists of this process..

The professional team working with the children takes care of facilitating their freedom of act and choice needs.


Your little one is unique and different. At Boreal we reckon that everyone has its specific intelligence and own creativity.

This is the reason/explains why the learning has to be personalized, adapted to children´s motivations and needs depending on their cognitive, emotional and physical development.

We aim to stress that singularity and exploit to its limit the capabilities/benefits derived from it.

Natural learning

Play constitutes children´s natural learning process during their early years.

As Einstein mentioned: “Games are the most perfectioned research method”; that´s the reason why we facilitate an environment and freedom for a play time where the children preferences prevail.

Through games the children learn mathematical concepts, logic, reasoning, and vocabulary, though also communication, social and emotional management skills.

If your values match ours and you´d be keen for your little one to grow in a family environment full of love and respect, come to meet the Boreal team and discover our space.

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My history

Hi! I´m Belinda architect of the Boreal project and Head Montessori guide.

Since my time at school, I always wanted to pursue a career in Early Years education, though I initially opted for a different professional path forgetting my real vocation.

My son´s birth refreshed it and I started to question and revisit the traditional teaching methodologies.

Following several years in London studying at MCI (Montessori Centre International), one of the UK´s leading providers of Montessori training in the UK and around the world, I got my Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy- Birth to Seven and I worked as a Montessori teacher at The Gower School an “Outstanding Montessori nursery” (OFSTED). Following my passion and always aiming for the best children care, I am also a Certified Children´s Yoga instructor, Certified Infant Massage Instructor and Early Childhood Teaching Certified person. I came back to Madrid focusing on this exciting project.

I´d like to become an active element in the children´s emotional development, guiding but not steering them and respecting their singularity. .

This is the reason why I´ve created this environment where I stand by the children’s side through their development, in a stimulant environment where they´d be able to learn in a natural way through games and observation.

I´m aware how important is for you to know the teachers who´ll spend with your child quite a few hours along the day. Therefore, I invite you to get to know us personally and enjoy a while our magic space.

our environment

Benedetti said that five minutes are enough to dream a whole life.


What if instead of dreaming with a life we take advantage of every minute to live a dream?

That´s the reason why at Boreal we look forward for every instant today to make a better tomorrow: the game time, the rest moments, the joy in an open space, the intellectual learning, …

Everything is aimed to your little one´s potential maximum development, his/her social skills and development as an independent human being. We´re completely aware of every child´s own pace and timings for each process.

Considering this flexible framework, we stress the importance of a daily routine in which we set an activities schedule.

This help children to feel safe, favours their independence and establishes the foundations to develop a disciplined and responsible person.

Our day begins in the best possible way: Smiling!

The Montessori cycle, to which we devote a daily hour, is divided in different areas:

In the practical life area, the children take care of:

  • Their own personal care: from dressing or combing their hair independently to buttoning their sweaters or cleaning their shoes. In essence every personal care activity the child is capable to perform independently.
  • Internal environment care: table and dust cleaning, collecting and ordering the Montessori activities, …
  • External environment care: collecting leaves, sweeping the floor, vegetable patch
  • Cooking: Peeling and cut fruits and vegetables, spread butter or marmalade, …
  • Activities to develop the fine motor: small objects transfer from one bowl to another, pouring, classifying, open and closing, working with screws and bolts.

Sensorial activities: Classify, pair equal items, patterns, pink tower, brown ladder, colour boxes to classify and pair, sandpaper table, find equal smells, play with water, soap, sand, clay, mixing colours, …

Language: Name objects through games, story reading, objects and associated cards, questions game, letters and words introduction, naming images, how to hold a pencil, sound analysis game, sand tray, …

Maths: counting, sandpaper numbers, numbers and counters, puzzles, bars, numbers introduction, spindle box, …

Science and nature activities: experiments with magnets, objects which sink and float, animal puzzles (farm, jungle, sea animals), my body, my family, professions, tactile and visual experiments.

Art: Mould with clay, draw and paint on easel, explore different materials and techniques

During the Montessori cycle children freely choose the activity, among the different areas, on which their would like to focus. The Montessori Guide observes if the experience with that activity repeats if it´s being chosen frequently and the way of working on it. In that way the children value their preferences and skills and act depending on it, fostering the necessary areas.



We meet each other with loads of love and share the best of positive energy to start the day in the best way. If necessary, we exchange information with the families.


Work Cycle

Time for hard work!

Montessori work cycle: We paint, get our fingers dirty, play with various shapes, colours, puzzles, animals, clay, …

Learning and enjoying aren´t at odds.

Psychomotricity session (twice a week): Time to move our body!

Yoga session (once a week per room): Staying still was never so funny.


Circle time and snack,
assembly, and lunch

We greet to each other and remember those ones who couldn´t attend the class today.

Would somebody like to discuss something important that has happened to her/him?

Sharing experiences makes us create bonds, as tale telling and songs singing does.

Our lunch is very healthy and yummy: with so much work we got hungry.


Play time:
Garden games

It´s great playing in our garden!

What game do we play today? Should we stop by the vegetables patch to check if the seeds we planted yesterday have grown? Would we water them?

How about some time in the climbing wall?

“Today I´d like to play alone. I get my bucket and my shovel and go digging”



Go and wash your hands, we´re about to get lunch! Everything is yummy and takes care of our body.


Story time and nappies change

We´re getting sleepy. Before resting we wash our face and get our nappies changed, so we´ll be very comfy.

We love today´s tale, but we´re so relaxed that we close our eyes.


Nap time

We keep on working. This is our energy factory! Shhhh!


Snack and nappies change

Nap time made our hair messy. We comb it, get our nappies checked and wash our hands to enjoy the snack.

We keep on feeding our energy with healthy food as there´s still the remains of the day ahead of us.


Free play and See you tomorrow!

We take the opportunity to play a bit more time before saying goodbye.

We wouldn´t like to go but are keen to tell mummy and/or daddy about our day.

It´s great that we´re back tomorrow!

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