Our universal language is love, affection, and empathy. Along the whole day we speak English with the objective that the children learn this language in the same way as the mother tongue.

During the child early years his/her brain intensely absorbs knowledge and is capable to learna language in a natural way, simply listening and practising it..

Don´t worry thinking that your child is going to get lost in activities and/or games because any lack of understanding.

The Montessori guides will speak in English and the assistants will facilitate any necessary support in Spanish, so the communication will always be very easy and close.


Movement means life!

Even before being born babies already moves all their body.

Through the movement experiments and learns, so the physical development contributes and is tied to the intellectual one..

You perfectly know your little one and know that she/he needs to move almost continuously.

That´s the reason why at Boreal we attribute such importance to that aspect and get the specialized and safe material for children to enjoy while their physical, intellectual, and emotional growth takes place: equilibrium benches, mini elastic bed, foam ladders or a rock-climbing set.

We have two weekly sessions to obtain all the following benefits:

  • Learning to control their body move.
  • Improving their concentration, memory, and attention.
  • Knowing their fears and how to face them.
  • Relationship with peers.
  • Acquires a better control of their breath.
  • Master spaces y planos.
  • Equilibrium and motor coordination control.

The best feature about this activity is that, while being crucial for your little one´s development, he/she just enjoys playing.


Aside of the teaching room, the psychomotricity sessions are designed by neurology specialists, as it´s the case of our occupational therapist Tayza Eltoro..

Through activities and specific games, she´ll empower the early stages development most necessary growth areas.

She will also be responsible of the psychomotricity sessions supervision and follow-up, through her visits to the school several times each month.


What immediate instinct arises from love?

The need to protect

That´s the reason why it´s key to transmit to the child the love for our planet, so its protection will be something instinctive.

It´s challenging for children to understand the sustainability concept at an early age.

If they live the sustainability every day, it´ll be naturally assumed:

  • The child´s little hands contact with the ground, the plants, and the seeds as well as observing how the planted and watered seeds in the vegetable patch grow will be the best way to learn the Earth´s importance. If additionally, it´s an aliment which could be eaten, isn´t it magic?
  • Learning to recycle and reuse: what about if we use a shoe box to craft a nice jewellery box? Assign and added value and providing a “second life” to each object means educate about a responsible consumption.
  • How would we be able to save natural resources? Washing our hands may become a daily routine to learn the immense value offered by our planet. If at home your child complains about you leaving a light switched on, just blame us!

and Nutrition

If we are what we eat it´d be best to do it in the healthiest possible way.

If additionally, it tastes yummy, all the best!

Our excellent dishes are a Marisa Fernández´s catering merit; she´s a nutrition and natural health specialist with more than 20 years’ experience. On top of it she´s an expert about all kinds of food allergies and intolerances.

Her menus are a guarantee of:

  • 100% certified and first quality biological products
  • Small fish dishes to avoid heavy metals
  • Diverse and healthy nutrition prioritizing fruits and vegetables.
  • Eliminate refined sugars from daily menus preparation.
  • Delicious and appetizing flavour combination

We know it, you´ll also like to have lunch with us!


Have you asked yourself the yoga benefits for your little ones?

Once a week we practice this discipline so children would connect their body, mind, and breath in a playful way.

Achieve relax, breath control, balance improvement, focus development, memory, etc.

And train your patience!


The science begins with the curiosity and imagination. Aren´t these two childhood characteristics?

You have a potential future scientific at home!

Therefore we´re going to get the most from your little one´s exploring spirit!

They would be able to:

  • Observe from experience.
  • Feed their curiosity.
  • Find answers to open questions through which they would be able to get their own conclusions.
  • Apply the logic.
  • Become like Curie or Edison.


The Play isn´t only a pastime.

Today it´ll be a giraffe living in the moon, tomorrow a couple of kittens daddy, and later they may be keen about cooking a couple of leaves from our garden.

The symbolic play is especially relevant at Boreal.

It´s a spontaneous game where the little ones, play using their imagination and it allows them to express their emotions, envisage themselves in different roles, establish relationships or understand the world around them.

They need it to define their personalities, manage their emotions and develop certain aspects as the communication, affectivity or simply learning.

Platon said that you´d learn more about a person in half an hour of game than a year of conversations.

Hence let´s take the opportunity to observe them in their playtime. At Boreal we continuously do it.


We organize talks and workshops about matters which interest or concern us and that could add value to the education you provide your child with and enrichen family relationships.

These talks and workshops we´ll always be taught by specialized professionals.

We´ve explained to you what´s important for Boreal though the primordial thing is missing:

Your little one and you!

Would you like to be part of our family?

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