Wishing that the infancy would be the start of a happy life

Boreal is a bilingual early years nursery for families aiming to feed their little ones dreams and motivations.

We fundamentally work following/observing the Montessori philosophy, while also adopting the best features we consider from other respected alternative educative methods.. The children who attend Boreal experience, feel, test, and reach their own conclusions learning in an innate way.

And of course, everything is complemented with the love and respect needed for a happy development/to grow up happy.

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Distinctive features

Boreal is an early years school/nursery for children aged 0-3 years old, where they´ll grow improving their autonomy every day. Our teachers facilitate the freedom and independence in accordance with the child´s development stage.

We guide children in a respectful manner, respecting their growth pace with a love and respect for the child´s individuality approach..

We emphasize the joy of life and simple things, love, smiles, curiosity, observation, freedom, partnership, and respect to the environment.

All the above happens in a space which will be your child´s second home offering a freedom, security, and protective atmosphere such that she/he will feel at home.

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We´ve devoted a lot of care and attention to our rooms designed to transmit trust/confidence and calm to all the family.

  • Furniture where everything needed is at hand/handy.
  • Lot of cool devices for the children to learn to understand their body dynamics and for an adequate physical development: equilibria benches, mini elastic bed, foam ladders, …
  • The whole environment has been adapted to avoid any risk.
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We are before everything else, an extension of your family, and conscious that both the children´s emotional and intellectual facets should be stimulated since their birth.

In our school they will learn everything about the environment through daily enjoyable activities, about self-respect, patience, sharing, communication, emotions, take care of themselves and of life in general.

Learn playing and enjoying, assimilating in a natural way everything that the environment, the teachers and the rest of the children offer.

Discover why

The teachers: who are we?

We love our job!

We´re the team walking alongside your child in his/her growth process, with a love and respect approach enabling the space and time to follow his/her own pace.

We strongly believe in each child uniqueness and we´re attentive about his/her needs taking care of them in a specific way.

We care about the children restlessness and everything that motivates them and incentivises their maximum development.

If you´d like that the initial stage of his/her life belongs to the Boreal family get to know in detail our educative project.

We´d love to share with you the passion we share about our school.

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